Monday, 2 December 2013

My favorite Dramas.

Cloud Atlas

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Cloud Atlas is an 'epic drama' released in 2012. It is based on the 2004 novel with the same name and at a budget of $102 million is one of the most expensive independent dramas to be produced. The film features different time periods all linking to there own drama 'sub genre'. The characters within each time period have their own story line but are indirectly liked to characters in other times. 

What do I like about this film?

  • The film is very original yet somehow manages to feel familiar and draws some similarities with other drama films such as Love Actually.
  • The film explores different sub-genres and really turns the conventions of a drama film on its head. 
  • The films score doesn't change throughout even though the audience is being presented with a range of very different and contrasting images.
What can I take from this film?
  • Visual imagery is important. A bland scene and set will give  'bland' feeling to the viewer.
  • There are multiple sub-genres to be explored.
  • Costume, hair and make-up all contribute to the realism. 
Overall view

This film is useful to explore sub-genres within Drama. However, the extremely large budget is something I won't personally be bale to mirror. Furthermore the complex story line is something I wouldn't be able to fit into one individual title sequence. After looking at this film, I do have a greater respect for visual imagery and feel that it's vital to give a correct representation of Mise En Scene as this does impact the view of the film that the audience receives. 

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