Tuesday, 3 December 2013


After some brainstorming me and my partner decided that without a doubt our film would come under the drama genre. Following this we decided we wanted something deep and gritty. After thinking about a few ideas we noticed a common theme throughout and this was the invasion of peoples privacy and security. It would interest us to create a title sequence that involved someone being followed or possibly even having their identity stolen.

This lead us to create our first idea 'Found'. The basic story line would involve someone being constantly stalked by someone; this would in turn lead to them attempting to find their own stalker and the methods they go through to track them down and work out how they know where she is.

Something that appeared in our brainstorm was the idea of location settings on a phone which allowed us to create a logo as well as a method for the stalker. We feel this is a strong idea as it has the potential to appeal to a wide range of audiences, contains current themes and also from a media students perspective creates lots of interesting ideas for credits and titles. 

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