Friday, 15 November 2013

What draws you to a film?

As part of my survey I looked at what draws people to a film. The results were as follows? 

This is important as it tells me what is needed to get people to watch a film and how to market the film. Furthermore as all of the possible actions have a reasonably large share of the graph covered this tells me that in order for a film to be truly successful a variety of factors must be included. So to summarise, if certain actors and directors are involved in the film a pre-sold audience can be created. Following this, the most important factor seems to be advertisement. First we must look at the target audience to decide exactly how to advertise the film. However, if the target audience falls in line with the pre-sold audience, they can be eliminated from the marketing process and the marketing can be aimed at a different target to broaden the audience of the film. 

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