Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sound Research

Sound Research

Whether or not my title sequence consists of diegetic sound, music will be needed. A soundtrack sets a mood and tone to the film. It gives the viewer insight as to what the film will be about and also connotes emotion within the audience. Sometimes, music is integrated into shots, for example a character could be dancing in their room whilst listening to a stereo. I took a look at different songs to see what emotions they gave me and how these feelings could be translated into ideas.

Syron - Waterproof
Waterproof by Syron is an upbeat track. Although upbeat, I didn't feel that this ignited positive emotions within me. I feel the beat of this song would work perfectly with film of someone walking, jogging or fighting. This song definitely says 'action' or 'drama' to me and connotes a very urban image in my head. If I was to attach this song to a film I would put it with something that illustrated a dark side to a group of youths in an urban environment.

Bastille - Haunt
From the very title of this song I think 'haunting'. The echoes of the track are both creepy and chilling however, although being about haunting someone this song does not say Horror film to me. I feel this track would work well against film illustrating the aftermath of  something. For example, I feel this would work in a title sequence showing the devastation after a war or revolution - this could then lead the film to be about revenge; 'I'll come back to haunt you'

 Sam Smith - Nirvana
Nirvana by Sam Smith makes me think of lust as well as low key lighting and soft camera movements. The song to me would work well with a shot of two people making love. Saying that, the music at the end is very final. On hearing this I thought the song could display flashbacks of people making love ending with an argument or incident which suggests the love has died. This song connotes a feeling of romance and drama within me.

Natalia Kills - Rabbit Hole
Rabbit Hole by Natalia Kills screams fun, innuendo and female promiscuity. The 'bubble-gum rock' feel instantly makes me associate this track with a chick flick. I imagine this track to work well in a scene where close ups of heels, lipstick etc. are intercut with slow motion scenes of girls dancing, walking and shopping.

All of these songs are very diverse however I feel the fact that they contain lyrics restricts what they can be used for as the lyrics tell a story of there own. This thought chose me to look at instrumentals. Following this I found an instrumental which I fell in love with. It could be used for multiple genres and films and sparks multiple emotions within the listener.

Foxes - Echo (Instrumental)
The reason I fell so in love with this instrumental was its diversity. The pace and sound changes throughout and resembles a journey. The opening 15 seconds connote a feeling of innocence and purity similar to birth or childhood. The song then matures and progresses. For this reason I feel the song would work amazingly with a montage of someone growing up and showing their life events. I then thought about the song in terms of weather. The song could work beautifully with a scene of a sunrise, contrastingly, the twinkly sounds resemble raindrops. The song could be used with a natural backdrop or follow someone walking through a city street. Either way though, I feel this song must be used with positive imagery as it ignites a feeling of fun and enjoyment within the listener. Interestingly, the lyrics that go with this instrumental suggest the end of a relationship, this really does illustrate how diverse the track is...

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