Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Researching Film Opening Sequences 3

Reservoir Dogs - 1992

Reservoir dogs has become one of the most iconic title sequences in history. It's simplicity is unforgettable and is both cinematic and dramatic. The sequences features a gang of well dressed me walking in slow motion. The titles appear on top of the clip. The shot changes only briefly to a black background where the names of production stuff etc. are illustrated.
A major strength of this clip is its simplicity. The slow motion movement of the men in matching suits is recognisable as Reservoir Dogs and can be easily mimicked by other people. As well as this, I feel the fact that clip is imbedded within the story line more interesting and less boring than a separate unrelated title sequence. The clip uses close ups of all of the men and then displays the actors name below them. The costumes which match along with the 'cool' soundtrack suggest mafia culture and gang violence. To add to this the slowed movements adds to the sophistication of the clip. The simple placement of the text with the actors is clever as we can clearly see who plays which part as well as subtle.

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