Thursday, 17 October 2013

Opening Sequence To 'Jackie Brown'

Opening Sequence To 'Jackie Brown':

My first task was to create a timeline of credits and titles that appear in a two minute opening sequence. My partner and I chose to look at Jackie Brown, a 1997 crime drama by Quentin Tarantino. The opening scene uses the song 'Across 110th Street' by Bobby Womack throughout. Once the production company credits are shown,  the first shot is displayed and the following titles are projected on top of this. Bellow is the timeline and sequence.
  • Interestingly I noticed that the names of 'co-stars' were displayed on screen for less time then the main stars.
  • The music matched the pace od the sequence perfectly.
  • The shots were not complex and changed rarely.

0:00: Animated ‘Miramax International’ logo

0:15: ‘A Band Apart’ logo

0:20: Introduction of set – A blue wall

0:21: ‘Miramax Films Presents’

0:24: ‘A Band Apart’

0:28: ‘A Film By Quentin Tarantino’

0:34: Character slides into shot

0:36: ‘Pam Grier’

0:41: ‘Samuel L. Jackson’

0:46: ‘Robert Forster’

0:51: ‘Bridget Fonda’

0:56: ‘Michael Keaton’

1:01: ‘and Robert De Niro’

1:07: Film Title ‘JACKIE BROWN’

1:16: ‘Co-Starring Michael Bowen’

1:21: ‘Lisa Gay Hamilton’

1:24: ‘Tommy “Tiny” Lister, Jr’

1:28: ‘Hattie Winston’

1:32: ‘Sid Haig’

1:37: ‘Aimee Graham’

1:41: ‘and Chris Tucker as Beaumont’

1:46: Shot changes to an airport security check

1:47: ‘Casting by Jaki Brown & Robyn M. Mitchell’

1:52: Shot changes to someone being searched

1:57: Character’s seen walking

1:58: ‘Costume designer Mary Claire Hannan’

Mise En Scene
This clip is perfect for analysing Mise En Scene. The costume (that of an air hostess) perfectly gives us an insight to the character. Furthermore the location (an airport) clearly establishes where action will take place. Props all further connotes travel and security. The lighting is high key and suggests the film will contain light hearted themes.
The cinematography for this film is very basic. A tracking shot is used for the majority of the opening follow the main character. This suggests the importance and relevance of 'Jackie Brown'. Other than this the only interesting piece of cinematography is a tilt to reveal a man being searched.
The editing in the film is also very basic. However, the font for the logo is very bold and 'camp'. Being a Tarantino film this could suggest the film will be exaggerated and in your face. The colours also suggest fun and resemble that of superhero's.
The music used was calmly paced. It matched the airport environment perfectly. At no point was diegetic sound used within the first two minutes. This could be done to keep the viewers attention on the titles rather than the story. 

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